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Pollinating Watermelons

The MelonMan shows you how he pollinates his melons…and a robin update.

By Bob Dwyer
June 5, 2000

In order to preserve known parentage you must pollinate your melons with strict control. You need to simulate the movement of pollen from a male flower to the female ovary like an insect would naturally.

The flowers have to be protected from invasive insects until the proper time. We use a small artist paint brush to pollinate our melons.

Care must be taken so as not to damage the immature fruit.

If successful pollination occurs you can expect to see major growth of the tiny melon that is in fast motion! These pictures illustrate the rapid growth that you can expect.

These pictures of the same melon were taken two days apart. (We're not kidding, these photos have not been altered).

Our plants are still in the recovery phase but looking much better.

The cycle of life continues with two young Robins as they make the flight into a fast paced life.

Then there was one and then there were none…

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